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About us

The project "Villa Bernasconi - Rooms and Restaurant" was born in 2019 from Ferdinando Arnulfo's love for his land, the Langhe, and from the passion that drove him, together with his wife Lina and their children Andrea and Maurizio, to buy and restore what to all the inhabitants of the village is considered simply "La Villa", with the aim of restoring the charm that has always distinguished it.

After 2 years of work during which the world found itself grappling with Covid-19, which raised the level of the challenge, the project finally saw the light in spring 2021.

A new life has therefore begun for Villa Bernasconi... a new page of history that the Arnulfo family will be happy to write together with their loyal guests.


Our Roots

The Bernasconi family, originally from Narzole, moved for business to the Principality of Monaco where they made their fortune at the court of Prince Rainier. Having become an important family of doctors and traders, in the mid-1800s it bought and renovated what would become Villa Bernasconi.

These interventions, inspired by the style of the great historic villas of Turin, gave it a unique charm and elegance. An example of this is the suggestive tree-shaped handrail that climbs inside the tower and leads to the panoramic loggia.

In this period the Bernasconi used to spend long periods in Narzole for business or vacation. The Bernasconi couple were well liked by everyone and the Lady, nicknamed the "Madama Bionda" ("Blonde Madam"), was known for her availability with the less fortunate.

After the great wars, a period of decline began for the Villa which, towards the end of the 1960s, was purchased by Dr. Massarengo. He, already sensing its potential then, transformed it from a private residence into an accommodation facility with a restaurant and 6 guest rooms.

The following decades were fortunate for the Villa which, thanks also to the large courtyard, and the adjoining guest quarters, was considered a perfect location for weddings and large receptions.

By the 20s of the new century, however, it seemed that the ancient charm was now permanently lost and that the Villa was destined to be abandoned...

The Arnulfo family believed that a new beginning was possible and the important restoration and renewal work undertaken represent the desire to enhance our territory and our excellence.

In 2021 Villa Bernasconi rediscovers the name of the family of origin and returns to its ancient splendor with the aim of fascinating its guests by renewing a story that has yet to be written.

"Our values speak of the beauty and simplicity of handmade things, with care, without haste, as our grandparents and our land taught us."